Designer Bikinis and Swimwear

Asian bikini: What to wear if you want to look like a Kardashian

The term ‘Asian bikini’ has been thrown around to describe the bikini style popularised by Asian models.But the reality is that Asian bikini is an American term.In fact, it is used in the UK and Australia and the word ‘Asian’ is a term for the people of East Asia.Bikini style and the term ‘blackface’A number…

The World’s Most Bikini Crocodiles: The World Famous Baboons of the Arabian Sea

Bikini crocodiles are often regarded as the coolest creatures on the planet, and they are known to be highly intelligent.But when they aren’t being eaten by humans, they can live up to 300 years.Here’s what you need to know about the adorable creatures.

When the Bikini War Begins

There are plenty of women out there who have embraced the bikini as a way of expressing their individuality.Some have even embraced the notion that they are not wearing bras or panties.It is easy to see why.The bikini is a symbol of freedom.It has no restrictions, and is an easy choice for women of any…

Japanese bikini models, tie dye bikini, tie-dye bikini: What’s the difference?

By the time the last of the Chinese tourists arrived in Japan in January 2016, they were already making a mark.As the city’s tourism industry grew, so did the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country.This summer saw another rise in the number, as many of the new arrivals came from overseas.In Tokyo, a group…

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