Designer Bikinis and Swimwear

Kim Kardashian: High Waisted Bikini Tied to Kim Kardashian’s Drug Problem

A high-waisted bikini has been linked to a drug problem in Kardashian’s inner-city neighbourhood.The controversy erupted last week when a reporter for the South Korean tabloid Chosun Ilbo questioned the fashionista about her drug use.In the story, which was published on Sunday, Kim’s body was not shown in the photo.The photo of her bare body…

How to dress up like a bikini butt in 2016

The high-waisted bikini is back, with a new and very sexy addition.According to an advertisement on a Victoria’s Secret catalog, the latest in the long-running bikini trend is the Margot Robbie bikini.The brand has also made the jump to a full-bust bikini, but it’s still an oversized, full-cut bikini.According the ad, Robbie has spent more…

Salma Hayek’s bikini bikini beach is an amazing look, says the director

Salma ‘s bikini is an iconic piece of the ’90s look, but how did it come to be a bikini beach?Well, the answer is an unusual story that started in 2001.It all began with a question posed to Hayek by her boyfriend, actor Matt Damon.The question was: ‘How do you get your hair done?’, and…

Which model has the most beautiful bikini lines?

In the bikini, the models who do it the best.But for every one model who takes it seriously, there’s another who has been taking it for a while and thinks that they can pull off the perfect bikini line.These five models have all done it.

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